Thursday, February 24, 2011

sugar rush

Guess what I've just consumed in the last 30 minutes? 1 cinamon roll, king size Salted Nut Roll, 20oz Mt. Dew, and a couple hand fulls of jelly wonder I weight 10,000lbs!
Why is it so hard to Why can't I munch on celery and carrots instead of jelly beans and a candy bar?? My scrubs are getting too tight and I REFUSE to buy bigger sizes!


  1. Hi! Thanks for following my blog :) What are your plans to get healthy? WW? Just wondering so that I can support you in your journey. PS: I want a cinnamon roll...oh and the Mt Dew too...yum.

  2. I feel ya prettylady, I do the same thing I do the scale thing in my head with the cookies or the gross green celery. The cookies always win but I am determined to come up with some lower calorie snacks!

  3. Hi!! Well, I've tried everything under the sun, and I made "the call" for this thing called the Lap Band...have you heard of it? LOL!! :)